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You've got cooling problems.  AirPac Rents has RENTAL cooling solutions.

Your air conditioning problems and your temporary need for portable air conditioners and to cool your computers/equipment and office applications is why we do what we do.  And we have lots of experience with hospital/lab environments, schools and even process manufacturing.

Your air conditioning needs are important to us. AirPac Rents is here to solve your temporary and emergency air conditioning problems.

Whether you need temporary cooling for a short-term project, cooling during a renovation or emergency cooling during an air conditioning outage, give AirPac Rents a call.  We'd like to think we're the king of cool and can cool everything.  Truth is our equipment may not be suited for your cooling application. If that's the case, we'll be up front with you and gladly give you a referral.

Time is wasting.  Call us.  Send us an email.  Get your no-nonsense Rental Cooling Guide now so you'll be prepared when the temperature rises.  We'll get you one step closer to cool.

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