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Cooling is a necessity, not a luxury

Hospitals and labs have many environments that require year-round cooling.  Regardless of the temperature outside, equipment-packed labs often require cooling 365 days a year.  Even in cold-climate winter months.  We cool:

       -   Diagnostic lab equipment
       -   Patient areas
       -   Pharmaceutical areas and supplies
       -   Testing environments

Depending on your heat load, the COOLIT 2000 Series, COOLIT3000 Series, PortaPac Series and MobilePac can provide quick cooling relief and maintain acceptable temperature tolerances for your heat sensitive environments.  When you need emergency or temporary cooling we are just a call or click away.

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Hospital/Lab Cooling

Hospitals and Laboratories

You've got a lab loaded with heat-sensitive equipment.  Excessive heat causes equipment failure and can compromise test results.  Or maybe your factory requires localized cooling for heat-generating equipment in a process area to minimize scrap and increase production.

Your cooling problems are solved with AirPac's portable air conditioners in a broad range of capacities.  Whether you need cooling for a temporary lab or during a planned shut-down of the central air conditioning, AirPac offers you unequaled flexibility.

Hospital/Lab Cooling

Hospital/Lab Cooling

Hospital/Lab Cooling

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