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Special operations require special equipment.  AirPac's unique, feature-rich portable air conditioning systems can be deployed quickly to provide reliable cooling for mobile operations and temporary structures.

       "The AirPac PortaPac 10-ton portable air conditioner is a quality unit that functioned without any problems in ambient temperatures from 120 to 130F in Kabul, Afghanistan.  The self-contained design and small footprint made transportation to and installation at the job site very easy.  Our company used twelve 10-ton PortaPacs to cool 2,300 government officials and a wide range of electronic equipment in a large tent without having to install internal ductwork for the air flow.  This was possible only because PortaPac's powerful evaporator fan is able to free blow the air.  The units kept the assembly cool and the computers and electronic equipment running."

Joachim Rzittky, General Manager
Helot, Cologne, Germany

Don't let the magic melt

Cool your tented events with AirPac PortaPac.  These attractive units integrate into the sidewalls and work with your environment.  Unsightly, internal ductwork isn't necessary to keep your event cool and comfortable.

Contact us with the details of your event and we'll get a quote to you promptly.  AirPac portable air conditioners are available by the weekend, week or month.

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Military/Special Events Cooling

Military and Special Events

You can't control the weather.  You can control the temperature in your tented event with AirPac's broad offering of portable air conditioners.  The slim, unobtrusive cabinet design allows our portable air conditioning systems to work with any tented structure.  Set-up is a snap. Since there's no unsightly duct work to deal with, you'll be cooling minutes after the units are set in place.  You've created the magic; don't let it melt.

Outdoor spot cooling is possible with AirPac's portable air conditioners.  Whether you need heat remediation at outdoor festivals or spot cooling for athletes at sporting events, AirPac has a portable air conditioner to cool your hot spot.

Air conditioning is often required year-round for many military and government applications.  Today's energy-efficient environments and heat-sensitive equipment require conditioned air to make workspaces comfortable and ensure continuous operation.

Military/Special Events Cooling

Military/Special Events Cooling

Military/Special Events Cooling

Military/Special Events Cooling

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