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Face it.  People get bothered when they're hot.  In an office environment, productivity plummets and tempers soar.

Customers won't linger in an uncomfortable dining room and a hot kitchen can be a health hazard.

When air conditioning fails or is shut down for maintenance, the COOLIT 2000 Series, COOLIT3000 Series and PortaPac Series can help you keep your cool and keep you in business.  Contact us and we'll take you a step closer to cool with weekly and monthly portable air conditioning rentals.

Let us know how we can help keep you cool.  Get a quote today.

       "The first day we used the unit we noticed the difference right away.  The COOLIT2600 is small, easy to move between my office spaces and very quiet.  It sets up in minutes because everything is included with the unit and no tools are required for the installation."

Chuck Fazio, President
Vision Digital, Alexandria, VA

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Office/Restuarant Cooling

Offices and Restaurants

In today's ever-changing office environment, your building's air conditioning system may no longer meet your needs.  Office layouts change, requiring costly duct modifications.  Tenants work nights and weekends when your central system is usually cut back.

Providing cooling may require impossible changes to your existing or maxed-out system.

Your temporary and emergency air conditioning problems are solved with AirPac's portable air conditioners.  Designed to fit through doorways, roll down hallways and be carried on elevators, AirPac systems offer quick and easy installation.

A hot dining room is not inviting for customers.  Uncomfortable shoppers mean less revenue.  Portable air conditioning is the answer for your temporary cooling for store fronts with high intensity lights, dressing rooms, stock rooms, dining areas and hot kitchens.  AirPac has a broad product offering with compact portable air conditioners from one- to 10-tons.  Use one unit or combine units in tandem for larger cooling loads.  You can squeeze units into the tightest spots and keep air conditioning out of sight, protected from the weather and vandalism.

Office/Restuarant Cooling

Office/Restuarant Cooling

Office/Restuarant Cooling

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