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The first complete portable air conditioning system

The air-cooled COOLIT2600 portable air conditioner is ideal for primary, supplemental and emergency cooling of spaces - boardrooms to computer rooms, laboratories to schools.  The cooling applications are endless!  Compact size and exclusive features make the COOLIT2600 instant plug and cool!

COOLIT innovation

With an integral make-up air plenum, field selectable built-in condensate pump/dual condensate tank system and expandable/contractible condenser air duct with flange and ceiling tile, the COOLIT2600 is the first all-inclusive, complete portable air conditioning system.  We give you a pretty complete package so there are few options to add.

Check out the complete product description and technical specifications for detailed information.

COOLIT value

The COOLIT2600's exclusive design features offer un-equaled application flexibility.  With AirPac's user-friendly, all-inclusive design no tools are required for set-up saving you valuable time and money.  Plus, maintenance, transport and storage are a snap.

The value is apparent when you review the features and benefits of the COOLIT.

COOLIT is more than a "spot cooler"

Spot coolers aren't new.  End users dictated development of AirPac's unique, cost-effective, all-inclusive, complete portable air conditioning system.  COOLIT2600 sets the standard for compact, all-inclusive portable air conditioning systems - users demand more than "spot coolers".

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Be sure to read and familiarize yourself with the complete manual that comes with the unit before installing and operating COOLIT2000 Series.  The COOLIT2000 Series operation and installation manual is located in the white envelope.

Your new COOLIT unit has passed a double quality assurance program; once before leaving the factory and again before leaving the regional warehouse. If you find shipping damage please contact both AirPac and the point of purchase immediately. DO NOT OPERATE THE UNIT.

To further prepare the unit for operation proceed as follows:


COOLIT2000 Series on a skid

1. Unpack COOLIT2000 Series.

Unpack and inspect the unit for visible shipping damage. If you find shipping damage, DO NOT OPERATE THE UNIT. Keep all packaging.

2. Remove COOLIT2000 Series from skid.

The COOLIT2000 Series is immobilized on the skid by two wheel lock panels. Each wheel lock panel is secured with two screws. Remove the screws from the front wheel lock panel. Gently push the unit from the back to roll the front wheels off onto the floor. Lift the unit from the skid using the recessed hand hold area in the back of the unit. Gently set unit down on the floor.

3. Place the unit on a flat, solid surface.

Make sure unit is on a flat surface before removing front wheel chock. Unit could unexpectedly roll and cause personal injury or property damage.  Operation on uneven surfaces may cause vibration, noise and possible water leakage from condensate tank(s).

4. Check that the condensate water tanks are in place and properly seated.

If the condensate tank(s) are not installed properly the unit will not operate properly. The unit will display a yellow light.

5. Air discharge kit installation.

The exhaust system in integral to the unit. No tools are required for this installation.

  1. Slowly lift the ceiling panel from the top of the unit. The exhaust duct is attached and will extend from the unit.

  2. Move the ceiling tile out of the grid by pushing up on one end and sliding it back 10-12 inches.

  3. Put the ceiling panel into the ceiling tile grid. Make sure the ceiling panel is positioned properly in the ceiling grid and cannot fall out. There should be at least 18 - 24" of open space above the ceiling panel outlet so exhaust air is not blocked.

  4. For permanent installation cut the ceiling tile so the tile will lay back in the grid. For temporary installations simply slide the ceiling tile tight against the ceiling panel so when the COOLIT and ceiling panel are no longer in use you can simply move the ceiling tile back into place.

6. Plug COOLIT unit into wall outlet.

Plug the COOLIT2000 Series  into a NEMA 5-15 outlet. Plug unit directly into the appropriate wall outlet. Do not plug the COOLIT2000 Series into extension cord. When power is applied to the unit, the LED display will read "OFF".

If using an extension cord: extension cord must be rated at least 15 amps, at 120 volts and have a grounding type attachment plug connector (load fitting).

7. Turn the COOLIT unit on.

Turn the COOLIT2000 Series on by pushing the ON/OFF button. To turn the unit on, select either FAN ONLY or COOL mode. When you select COOL the compressor will not engage immediately. There is a 3 - 5 minute time delay.

8. Set the desired function mode and fan speed.

Select either LOW FAN, HIGH FAN or AUTOMATIC. The fan speed selector controls the evaporator fan speed in both the FAN ONLY and COOL modes.

9. Set the desired temperature.

To set the temperature you must select a setting using the + and - buttons on the control panel. The settings range from 60 to 85F.

10. Set-up the condensate pump (OPTIONAL).

To set-up the condensate pump for continual automatic removal of condensate refer to the Condensate Pump instructions on page 13 of this manual.

11. Shut off the COOLIT2000 Series.

To shut down the COOLIT2000 Series press the ON/OFF button until OFF is displayed in the LED window. Since the unit is still plugged into the wall outlet the LED window will read OFF. This is normal and indicates that there is power to your unit.

W A R N I N G:

To reduce risk of fire or electric shock do not expose unit to rain or moisture. Do not open cabinet while unit is connected to a power source. Dangerous voltage is present. Have repairs performed by certified HVAC technicians.


To avoid injury or fatality from electrical shock, turn the unit off and unplug before performing maintenance or cleaning. Do not spray with water or any liquid! 

Air Filter: Clean the air filter every two to three weeks or as required by the environment and usage. A dirty filter will reduce the cooling of the unit. Clean the filter by vacuum or wash with a mild detergent and air dry.

Air Intakes: Keep 'em clean! Use a vacuum or soft brush. 

Exterior Surfaces: Wipe it down with a damp soft cloth or sponge. Don't use any chemicals or other junk - you'll just ruin your machine. 

Water Tanks: Keep 'em clean. Use a mild soap and make sure to rinse it well.

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