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The air-cooled COOLIT3000 series portable air conditioners are ideal for primary, supplemental and emergency cooling of spaces - boardrooms to computer rooms, laboratories to schools.  The cooling applications are endless!  Compact size and exclusive features make the COOLIT3000 series perfect for your mid-duty cooling needs!

COOLIT innovation

With field selectable built-in condensate pump/dual condensate tank system and expandable/contractible condenser air duct with flange and ceiling tile, the COOLIT3300 is ready to cool.  Everything is included!  We give you a pretty complete package so there are few options to add.

Check out the complete product description and technical specifications for detailed information.

COOLIT value

The COOLIT3000 Series' exclusive design features offer un-equaled application flexibility.  With AirPac's user-friendly, all-inclusive design no tools are required for set-up saving you valuable time and money.  Plus, maintenance, transport and storage are a snap.

The value is apparent when you review the features and benefits of the COOLIT.

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Optional Accessories for the AirPac COOLIT3000 Series: 

COOLIT3000 Series Optional Remote Control

  • Infra-red Hand-held Remote

When you want to be cooled down and you want to relax at the same time, then you need the optional Infra-red Hand-held remote control for your COOLIT3000 Series portable air conditioner.  The optional remote control allows you to turn on and off the unit with ease.  The optional remote control has all of the functions that the control pad has which means you can set the temperature, timer and even tell the time.



  • Make-up Air Duct Kit

Sometimes you need to bring in fresh air from another source to effectively cool down the room instead of using the room air where the portable air conditioner is located.  To do this you would use this option which is the Make-up Air Duct Kit.

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