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Mega cooling with the MobilePac

Now the MobilePac has arrived on the cooling scene.  New for 2003, this powerful trailer-mounted air conditioner packs 20-tons of cooling into a compact system.  Perfect for larger cooling loads and outdoor events.  The MobilePac requires a little more set-up but watch out... this baby can cool!

This trailer-mounted unit is perfect for cooling outdoor environments and can even cool indoor spaces when ducted from the outside.  Be warned - the MobilePac is not for everyone.  This is some serious cooling.  Check out some of the typical cooling applications.

Is MobilePac the unit for you?

Depends?  Check out the complete product description and technical specifications for detailed information.  Give us a call at 888-324-7722 to discuss your cooling application.

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Removable compartment panels with integral handles on all sides.

Completely accessible, making service easy.

Internal condense pump.

Trouble-free installation.

Completely insulated evaporator and condenser sections with 18 gauge galvanized minimum.

Provide acoustic and thermal protection.

Full stainless steel condensate pans.

Condensate pans will not rust or degrade.

Oversized face area on all coils.

Eliminates condensate carry-over and allows for higher sensible heat ratio.

Oversized belt driven ball-bearing centrifugal blowers, cast iron pulleys, and adjustable motor sheaves.

Flexible field adjustable ESP from 0.1" to 1.0" on both the evaporator and condenser with standard motors and blowers.

Motors mounted on base unit, not on blower.

Reduce motor/blower noise and make motors and blowers easier to service.

Inherently protected motors and compressors.

Reduce service calls and extend equipment life.

High and low pressure safety switches with lockout relay, loss of air flow switch, and filter drier in each circuit.

Protects the refrigeration circuit and ensures trouble-free operation.

All compressors externally spring mounted with discharge mufflers.

Ensures quiet operation.

Thermal expansion valve with external equalizer in each circuit.

Minimum superheat for each application.  Prevents flooded evaporator coil on low load conditions.

Sight glass and moisture indicator in each circuit.

No need to guess about refrigeration charge or moisture level.

24 VAC control circuit with oversized transformer.

No high voltage thermostat wiring.  Works with wide variety of thermostats.

Standard parts and components used.

Ease in finding replacements when necessary.

Heavy duty trailer.

Easy to move around.

Recessed control panel with power and cooling indicators.

Provides protection of easy to use controls during transporting.

Washable filters.

Ensure a quick unit turn around after each use.  Trouble free maintenance.

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