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Mega cooling with the MobilePac

Now the MobilePac has arrived on the cooling scene.  New for 2003, this powerful trailer-mounted air conditioner packs 20-tons of cooling into a compact system.  Perfect for larger cooling loads and outdoor events.  The MobilePac requires a little more set-up but watch out... this baby can cool!

This trailer-mounted unit is perfect for cooling outdoor environments and can even cool indoor spaces when ducted from the outside.  Be warned - the MobilePac is not for everyone.  This is some serious cooling.  Check out some of the typical cooling applications.

Is MobilePac the unit for you?

Depends?  Check out the complete product description and technical specifications for detailed information.  Give us a call at 888-324-7722 to discuss your cooling application.

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This revolutionary portable air conditioner has many standard features which are exclusive to the MobilePac.  The COOLIT3000 and COOLIT3300 models offer the complete plug-n-cool solution for your hot spots.

There are currently no options for the MobilePac.  Items while are optional on our competitions portable air conditioners are standard on the MobilePac.  You get more air conditioner for your money with the AirPac MobilePac.  If you have an idea for an option please e-mail us at

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