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Mega cooling with the MobilePac

Now the MobilePac has arrived on the cooling scene.  New for 2003, this powerful trailer-mounted air conditioner packs 20-tons of cooling into a compact system.  Perfect for larger cooling loads and outdoor events.  The MobilePac requires a little more set-up but watch out... this baby can cool!

This trailer-mounted unit is perfect for cooling outdoor environments and can even cool indoor spaces when ducted from the outside.  Be warned - the MobilePac is not for everyone.  This is some serious cooling.  Check out some of the typical cooling applications.

Is MobilePac the unit for you?

Depends?  Check out the complete product description and technical specifications for detailed information.  Give us a call at 888-324-7722 to discuss your cooling application.

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Be sure to read and familiarize yourself with the complete manual that comes with the unit before installing and operating MobilePac Trailer-Mounted Air Conditioner(s).  The MobilePac operation and installation manual is located inside the unit.

Your new MobilePac unit has passed a double quality assurance program; once before leaving the factory and again before leaving the regional warehouse. If you find shipping damage please contact both AirPac and the point of purchase immediately. DO NOT OPERATE THE UNIT.


1. Unpack the MobilePac.

Inspect the unit  to ensure unit and all parts are in good condition.

2. Place the MobilePac on a flat, solid surface.

Operation on uneven surfaces may cause vibration, noise and possible water leakage from condensate area.

3. Drain connection.

The MobilePac has a built-in condensate pump.  Connect the drain to the output of the condensate pump or by-pass the pump and connect directly to the condensate pan outlet.  The condensate pump has a lift capability.

4. Check that all air filters are clean and properly installed.

To maintain efficiency and avoid damage to the unit, never operate the unit without the air filters installed in the proper direction.

5. Exhausting the air.

You don't need to duct the warm air out of the unit if the MobilePac is outside the room/tent.  If the unit is outside the area that you want to cool then you must duct the cold air inside of the area.  There are a number of options to do this.

6. Wire the unit.

The unit will come ready to hard wire so you must have an electrician wire the unit to the correct power.  The MobilePac's come in different voltages; please be sure to apply the proper voltage for your unit.

7. Turn the MobilePac on.

Once the MobilePac has power the power indicator light will be on.

8. Shut off the PortaPac.

To shut down the MobilePac unit, turn the control switch to the OFF position.  The power indicator light will be still be on, this is normal; indicates that there is power to the unit.

W A R N I N G:

To reduce risk of fire or electric shock do not expose unit to rain or moisture. Do not open cabinet while unit is connected to a power source. Dangerous voltage is present. Have repairs performed by certified HVAC technicians.


To avoid injury or fatality from electrical shock, turn the unit off and unplug before performing maintenance or cleaning. Do not spray with water or any liquid! 

Air Filter: Clean the air filter every two to three weeks or as required by the environment and usage. A dirty filter will reduce the cooling of the unit. Clean the filter by vacuum or wash with a mild detergent and air dry.

Air Intakes: Keep 'em clean! Use a vacuum or soft brush. 

Exterior Surfaces: Wipe it down with a damp soft cloth or sponge. Don't use any chemicals or other junk - you'll just ruin your machine.

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