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Step up in portable cooling to the AirPac PortaPac -- the granddaddy of cool.  PortaPac is available in 3-, 5-, 8- and 10-ton systems to meet your heavy-duty cooling needs. Powerful and rugged, these units will meet your cooling challenge.  Check out some of the typical cooling applications.

PortaPac innovation

Need flexibility for your unique cooling problem?  The PortaPac series gives you optional accessories so you can get the cool air exactly where you need it.  Connect supply air to your existing duct work system or use the optional plenum to discharge the cold air directly into the space through the adjustable, directional louvers.  The plenum latches on with no tools making it easy to fit even the 10-ton unit through a standard doorway.

Check out the complete product description and technical specifications for detailed information.

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Discharge Flange
Allows for quick installation of round flex duct.  Flanges mount directly to the unit.  Flex duct should only be used for short runs.  Use this option in place of evaporator plenum.  Can be used for both cold air and warm air discharge.

Evaporator Plenum
20 guage galvinized metal plenum for either free or ducted discharge of supply air.  Free discharge has supply grille.

Adjustable Evaporator Register Grille
Register grille used with evaporator plenum for directional control of supply air.

Programmable Thermostat Control
Automatically adjust thermostat settings at predetermined times.  Great for computer/telecom centers with ight and weekend energy management systems.  Backlit LCD is easy to read and displays day, time of day, set point temp., actual temp., system status, and program status.

Return Air Assembly (evaporator)
Facilitates connection of duct work for the return air to the PortaPac unit.

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