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Who uses AirPac portable air conditioners, you ask?  Who doesn't?  AirPac Rents has cool customers.

The applications are endless.  Air conditioners are needed everywhere.  And with the convenience and affordability of rental air conditioners, there is no need for a capital expenditure.

AirPac Rents will keep your computer rooms and data equipment cool when you have a temporary need.  There is no time for downtime!

Got a hot office or restaurant because of a building air conditioning failure?  Worker productivity suffers when the mercury rises and customers don't like to eat and sweat at the same time.  We'll keep your employees and customers cool.

Have a concentration of heat-generating equipment in your hospital or lab environment?  Spot cooling will help you keep your cool.

Aging schools and over-crowded classrooms are prime candidates for supplemental cooling in the spring months.  Or you might even have a computer lab or network room that needs cooling 24/7.  Call AirPac Rents.

Spot cooling in a process or manufacturing environment can sure help boost employee moral and productivity.  If you have a heat sensitive process, localized, directed cooling can minimize scrap and add extra cash to your bottom line.

Have a cooling application that isn't mentioned here?  Just drop us an enote.

We want to keep you cool.  Get a quote for your cooling application and you'll be entered in a drawing for this cool AirPac hat.  We'll randomly draw one winner each month from the quote requests.  You've got nothing to lose - you'll get a cooling quote and maybe even be the lucky winner.

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