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AirPac portable air conditioners are invaluable for cooling computer and telecom applications.  Just take a look at some of our customers using AirPac to cool their computers and telecom equipment.

Alcatel AT&T A World Wide Mall Computer Sciences Corporation Jeskell
Lockheed Martin New York Transit Authority The Pentagon US Army US Sprint
US Postal Service Verizon

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Jeskell, Inc.
AirPac COOLIT3300 alongside the Shark
(the IBM Enterprise Storage Server).

Jeskell, Inc.
JB Burke, Senior Systems Engineer
Jeskell, Inc.

        "As we added new, larger pieces of equipment to our center, the temperature began to rise.  The alternative of only running some of the equipment at any one time was not acceptable.  We solicited several quotes for permanent installation of air conditioner units, but they were all too expensive.  We did a search on the web, located AirPac, and ordered a unit.  Installation was simple and the results are outstanding.  the unit runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has dropped the temperature in the room by approximately 10F, which was exactly what we needed."

JB Burke, Senior Systems Engineer
Jeskell, Inc.

AirPac COOLIT3300 portable air
conditioner in action.

Server room at Trendz.

        "I have no control over our building air and absolutely no air conditioning over the weekend.  I cannot afford downtime; therefore, the requirement for air conditioners in our server room is a necessity.  A few years ago I purchased two COOLIT1000's to protect our IT operations from heat-crippling downtime, but with the addition of more electronic equipment in our server room I needed more air conditioning.  After looking at all options, I again selected a portable air conditioner from AirPac - this time the awesome COOLIT3300.  It is keeping our equipment cool and keeping us in business!"

Kathy Hogan, Owner

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