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The AirPac portable air conditioners cool everything from mobile command units and temporary shelters to outdoor concerts and tented events.  The applications are incredibly diverse.  See for yourself.

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AirPac PortaPacs cooling a large tent.

Overview of the large tent facility.

        "The AirPac PortaPac 10-ton portable air conditioner is a quality unit that functioned without any problems in ambient temperatures from 120 to 130F in Kabul, Afghanistan.  The self-contained design and small footprint made transportation to and installation at the job site very easy.  Our company used twelve 10-ton PortaPacs to cool 2,300 government officials and a wide range of electronic equipment in a large tent without having to install internal ductwork for the air flow.  This was possible only because PortaPac's powerful evaporator fan is able to free blow the air.  The units kept the assembly cool and the computers and electronic equipment running."

Joachim Rzittky, General Manager

Hilton Hotel
Outside view of the AirPac PortaPacs
cooling a tent.

Hilton Hotel
Inside view of the AirPac PortaPacs
cooling a tent.

        "I was faced with the situation of finding reliable, proven air conditioners that would be up to handling the tough job of cooling our new, semi-permanent, tented space and also have an acceptable appearance for our events.  With the AirPac PortaPac we were able to get a clean, finished look outside.  Inside the tent the PortaPacs are barely noticeable along the sidewall and the white ducting blends into the folds of the tent liner.  PortaPacs are very quiet and their powerful cooling gets the job done.  They have kept our guests cool and comfortable... whenever we need additional cooling in our facility, I would not hesitate to use PortaPacs."

Edward Giametti, General Manager
Hilton Hotel

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